Give a fish to a hungry person - and you will feed him for one day. Give him a fishrod, teach him to fish - and you will feed him for the whole life


The thinking of leaders makes us the Asklepiy Company

Leadership is provided by our employees and their efforts. Each of us can use his potential to achieve high results.


The employees of the company are our main resource.

Our company respects the individuality of each person. We are able to reach common grounds with representatives of various cultures and peoples. Each employee, communicating with partners and clients, understands that being the bearer of corporate values of the company, he contributes to the creation of a worthy image of the Asklepiy Company.


The desire to develop is the basis for perfection.

The management of the company appreciates the employee’s desire to grow and expand the level of his knowledge. Our employees have the opportunity to grow professionally and realize their potential completely.


Individual approach to each employee.

Since all people are different, as well as their opinions, there can not be a universal way to solve a problem that is suitable for everyone. The goal of the management is not to advise, but to help an employee to reach the true reasons and the right decisions by himself. When a person is armed with a certain skill, he clearly sees the way to accomplish the tasks facing him, he knows exactly how to do the required action.


We offer:

Career and professional growth

Stable salary

Official employment

Training in the process of work

Additional motivational programs, depending on the specific position


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