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We provide a full range of logistics services, including storage, customs clearance and declaration of pharmaceutical cargo, which allows us to optimize the work of the warehouse, to simplify and speed up the procedures and shipment of goods as much as possible.

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13 branches

We own warehouses with an overall area of more than 12 000 m² along with the country, which help us to distribute the products efficiently in all regions.

92 trucks

The presence of a vehicle fleet contributes to the fast delivery of products to any branch in a short period of time.

Under escort

We offer documentary and logistic support for all our partners

28 years of experience

Nowadays we distribute more than 5000 medications provided by 400 manufacturers from all over the world.
More than

$100 mln

Market share of ASKLEPIY Distribution – 8%, annual growth – 15%

Slide 6000+ clients through the country

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